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“Think Wrong!” The Best Way to Lead Transformational Change

What happens when you turn your organization chart “upside down?” Why is it important for organizations to build a network of leaders in support of transformational change? Is it urgent for your organization to make things happen? Let’s explore this crazy approach to Think Wrong!” The Best Way to Lead Transformational Change. John Beilenberg, who… Read More »

What Leaders Need to Know About Change

As I help leaders who are leading change, I find leaders who are very busy trying to convince their staff to embrace the change and “buy-in” to the change. Often, they have been promoted to their leadership positions based on their operational expertise rather than leadership competencies. Oh my, the results are not good! Let’s talk… Read More »

How To Successfully Integrate Project Management and Change Management

Let’s talk about why it’s so important to understand How to Integrate Project Management and Change Management when leading an organizational change initiative. In a project I just completed, the importance of this integration was highlighted once again and I want to share some key ways to lead organizational change the right way…my project did some… Read More »

Change Management Value – Start with the End in Mind

Does the success of your project depend on employee adoption and usage? Are you interested in learning more about how you will create additional value for your project by focusing on employee adoption and usage? Let me challenge you with new ways to focus on Change Management Value.   Does This Thinking Sound Familiar? You have invested a… Read More »

5 Ways To Work Smarter, Not Harder

Do you and your organization want to work smarter, not harder? Let me show you 5 Ways To Work Smarter, Not Harder…it’s all about doing the “right” work instead of “busy” work! 1. Emotional Intelligence What’s the big deal with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? Research indicates that emotional competencies such as self-confidence, empathy, listening, and initiative… Read More »

How To Lead Organizational Change

A real story from a change leader on How to Lead Organizational Change! My assessment of the history, culture and value systems of the organization in a recent project helped me recognize that staff have been participants in many change initiatives that were poorly communicated, unprepared for implementation and in some cases initiatives that have… Read More »

Ways to Improve Employee Engagement!

Need to improve employee engagement…let me share some great ways to improve Employee Engagement…guaranteed improvement! Survey after survey shows that employee engagement remains low…why is that? Here is my bold statement…TOO MANY OF OUR LEADERS DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT IS!! In my experience, so many of our so-called “leaders” are managers rather than leaders.… Read More »

How To Lead Change – The Best Freaking Way!

Does change happen in your organization? I thought so…what are you doing to make sure that the change that is being implemented will actually be implemented on your “go live” date? Do you have a systematic approach to engage the very people who will be implementing the change in the process? Do you have a… Read More »