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How To Overcome Resistance to Change

Disrupt the myth and learn how to overcome resistance to change. The myth…that change can be managed like a project and that resistance to change can be overcome! If you accept these myths, failure in change initiatives are surely to follow. So, what do you do? Change Your Thinking Stop trying to “manage” change and… Read More »

How To Build Stronger Organizations

Most awesome ways to build stronger organizations…looking for information supported by strong research on how to build stronger organizations? Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2016 identified the top 10 organizational issues through surveys and interviews with more than 7,000 businesses and HR leaders from 130 countries. In this blog, I will provide a brief summary of… Read More »

How to Choose a Leader

Are you sure about choosing a conformist for a leader…for those of you looking for advice on how to choose a leader, I would like to challenge the status quo! A recently published study in The Journal of Applied Psychology, there is a direct link between improved company performance when businesses have CEOs whose leadership styles… Read More »

What Drives a Career Change?

What Drives a Career Change…Top 4 Reasons…and the Survey Says… A recent issue of the Harvard Business Review highlights new research from the advisory firm CEB and the findings are interesting. Career-related events aren’t the biggest drivers for career changes. People most often re-think their work life following a birthday or a class reunion. In surveys… Read More »

How To Lead Change – The Best Freaking Way!

Does change happen in your organization? I thought so…what are you doing to make sure that the change that is being implemented will actually be implemented on your “go live” date? Do you have a systematic approach to engage the very people who will be implementing the change in the process? Do you have a… Read More »

How To Accelerate Change!

During a recent interview, David Carder – Engagement Leader at Kotter International, shared specific techniques in how clients apply John Kotter’s 8-Step Process to drive large scale transformational change. I would like to share parts of this interview and talk about how my recent change experience aligns with these observations. I want to show you… Read More »

How To Influence Change…the Best Strategy!

Looking for a strategy to influence people to take action in support of change? I would like to share a work plan, on how to influence change, that I have found to be extremely helpful! Effective communications need to influence people to take action in support of change. This work plan included the following elements:… Read More »

How to Change Culture – Stop Doing the Same Things

Want a different result…then stop doing the same thing!! Let’s take a look at how to change culture by considering the following questions. Are you one of those organizations that believe the road to a change in culture is tied to behavior change? Have you “unfrozen” from your traditional leadership, organizational chart and coaching skill… Read More »

Take Charge of Change

A comment on one of my recent posts reminded me of the accountability that each of us has making a change. I came across this piece written by an unknown author and wanted to share it: Today I can complain because the weather is rainy or I can be thankful that the grass is getting… Read More »