Effective Organizational Change Management

By | January 13, 2018

Hire an Organizational Change Management Business Analyst who has demonstrated awesome leadership skills. Use the following tips for your hiring checklist!

  1. Experience as a Senior level leadership Business Analyst with the primary responsibility being to create and implement change management strategies and plans. 
  2. Experience documenting organizational and business rule changes and mapping business processes with a focus on the people side of change, including changes to business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organizational structure.
  3. Experience leading large-scale organizational change efforts on at least two projects.
  4. Experience in coaching senior leaders and executives to fulfil the role of change sponsor and providing direct support and coaching to all levels of managers and supervisors to support their direct reports (SMEs) through transitions.
  5. Proven record of achievement on Organizational Change Management capacity with demonstrable previous experience working on multi-million dollar projects involving large-scale organizational change and communications efforts.
  6. Demonstrated experience creating and implementing change management strategies and plans that maximize employee adoption and usage and minimize resistance.
  7. Demonstrated work experience and knowledge with change management principles and methodologies.
  8. Demonstrated experience at a senior level which clearly outlines methods, best practices, tools and strategies in facilitating, documenting, analyzing and prioritizing business and technical requirements.
  9. Demonstrated experience in preparing project documents including, but not limited to, business cases, proposals, feasibility studies, business process requirements, process mapping, strategies, training manuals, business specifications, detailed budget estimates, gap analysis, quality assurance, traceability matrix and acceptance criteria.
  10. Demonstrated experience at a senior level on at least one major business transformation project that involved implementing major business changes and processes.
  11. Demonstrated experience working on multiple assignments concurrently, meet deadlines and work under pressure.
  12. Demonstrated experience facilitating and conducting business process mapping workshops and requirements gathering sessions to elicit business requirements with an emphasis on understanding the business priorities.
  13. Demonstrated experience preparing and conducting presentations, organizing and facilitating interviews and meetings with Senior Stakeholders.
  14. Demonstrated experience of working with an integrated team of (greater than ten) business users, technical resources and third party vendors comprised of employees and contracted resources.
  15. Demonstrated leadership experience with an emphasis on successful mentoring experiences.
  16. Demonstrated experience and familiarity with Project Management approaches, tools, and methodologies.
  17. Demonstrated experience articulating and communicating to a variety of audiences and stakeholders at all levels within an organization; particularly, public sector organizations.
  18. Demonstrated experience building and maintaining strong relationships with key senior stakeholders on business critical projects.
  19. Demonstrated experience influencing senior stakeholders to adopt and move towards a common vision.
  20. Provide examples that demonstrate acute business acumen to identify and resolve organizational challenges.
  21. Work experience implementing an Organizational Change Management solution that demonstrates both strategic and tactical planning.
  22. Provide examples that demonstrate the use of strong interpersonal skills when working with all levels of stakeholders within an organization to understand business priorities.
  23. Strong communication skills; written, verbal and active listening skills.

Let me make it easy for you…I have the experience and skills to check off every item on this checklist. Contact me now at MilesWeatherall@outlook.com or call/text me at 403.548.0827 or pass my contact information on to someone you know would be interested in achieving return on investment for project initiatives.

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