Effective Organizational Change Management First Step

By | May 17, 2018

What is the first step in Effective Organizational Change Management?

Hire an Organizational Change Management Specialist!

The Organizational Change Management (OCM) Specialist will play a key role in helping ensure that your projects achieve results by providing people capability and tools so they are ready, willing, and able to change. The OCM Specialist works with the client to advance the practice and build OCM capabilities.

The overall objective is to create and implement change management plans that maximize employee adoption and minimize resistance. The OCM Specialist works to drive faster adoption, higher utilization and greater proficiency using the solutions and services to increase benefit realization, ROI and the achievement of results and outcomes.

The OCM Specialist is accountable to demonstrate the value of OCM by delivering tangible results through a professional, intentional, collaborative and structured approach to managing the people side of change.

The OCM Specialist will provide the following services:


● Leveraging the existing project deliverables, develop the OCM plan while using change management theories to design customized and actionable, results orientated change management activities, including (but not limited to) communication and engagement, sponsorship, and sustainment
● Conduct various change management assessments including (but not limited to): change impact assessment, stakeholder analysis, organizational readiness assessments, change risk assessment and learning needs assessment
● Develop a learning strategy to support the development, coordination and delivery of training designed to provide stakeholders with knowledge, ability, skills and behaviors to work in the new way
● Integrate OCM activities with project management plans


Many People Involved!

● Facilitate engagement sessions with stakeholders
● Build alignment on expectations, accountabilities, change impacts, risks and special tactics.
● Ensure groups impacted by the change (either directly or indirectly) and those who can positively affect the overall success of the change are engaged appropriately


● Working with communication specialists, develop and execute communication activities designed to move stakeholders through the stages of change (from unaware to committed)
● Create awareness, interest, confidence and buy-in of the solution
● Ensure the right messages are delivered to the right people in the right way at the right time


● Through leadership coaching, enable leaders to sponsor the change and support staff
● Facilitate and assist sponsor and senior leadership in completing the sponsor roadmap — including activities for sponsor(s) to provide support to project team, develop sponsorship with critical stakeholders, provide direction and create awareness with impacted people (staff, faculties, students, etc.)
● Coach leaders to manage resistance (i.e. what to do if staff have a concern or issue with the change, are not motivated to change, fear and feel threatened by the change, and/or do not have the ability to change).


● Develop sustainment approach for embedding the change into the organization to achieve expected benefits. Key elements include ownership and accountability, training, communication and engagement, evaluation and measurement, reinforcement and continuous improvement

Define and measure success metrics

• Track and report progress of OCM activities and overall status to project team, primary sponsor and critical stakeholders.

Support the development and adoption of the organizational change management practice through activities such as

● Using, developing and refining OCM tools, templates and resources
● Supporting the development of OCM training materials and teaching project teams, sponsors and stakeholders the value of OCM

Miles Weatherall will provide all of this and more including

● 10+ years tactical OCM experience successfully creating and executing change management activities within a project structure
● Solid understanding of how people go through a change and the change process
● Experience and knowledge of change management principles, methodologies and tools along with Prosci certification
● Exceptional communication skills – both written and verbal
● Exceptional facilitation skills
● Excellent active listening skills
● Ability to clearly articulate messages to a variety of audiences
● Ability to establish and maintain strong relationships
● Ability to influence others and move toward a common vision or goal
● Flexible and adaptable; able to work in ambiguous situations
● Resilient and tenacious with a propensity to persevere
● Forward looking with a holistic approach
● Organized with a natural inclination for planning strategy and tactics
● Problem solving and root cause identification skills
● Able to work effectively at all levels in an organization
● A team player who works collaboratively with and through others
● Acute business acumen and understanding of organizational issues and challenges
● Familiarity with project management approaches, tools and phases of the project lifecycle
● Experience with large-scale organizational change efforts

Call Miles today for Effective  Organizational Change Management at 403.548.0827 or email MilesWeatherall@outlook.com for a free 30 minute conversation!

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