Ways to Improve Employee Engagement!

By | July 11, 2016

Need to improve employee engagement…let me share some great ways to improve Employee Engagement…guaranteed improvement!

Survey after survey shows that employee engagement remains low…why is that?


In my experience, so many of our so-called “leaders” are managers rather than leaders. They have been promoted based on their subject matter competence rather than on leadership competence.

Leadership competencies focus on people, relationships and the bigger picture. Leaders ask “what” and “why” while managers ask “how” and “when”…which means that managers are so “stuck in the muck” of operational issues that they believe there is no time to focus on people and relationships.

How many of you have heard managers complain about having conversations with their direct reports to discuss their goals and plans for development? I have heard this complaint so often and my response is, “if this is not your job as a leader, I don’t know what is!” I get a lot of funny looks.

As a leader who focuses on people, relationships and the bigger picture, you get it…you know that this approach is the only way to achieve success. Research supports the fact that higher levels of employee engagement lead to transformational change.

Thinking about how easy it really is to improve employee engagement levels, I came across this infographic from callcentre.co.uk and loved its simplicity. Many of the factors that make an employee highly engaged do to cost their employers anything…it just takes a focus on people rather than tasks.

What would happen if you tried these ways?




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What do you think? I would be very interested to hear whether you think that employee engagement is an issue in your sector, and what the knock-on effects are on productivity. Leave a comment below. Here is a link to my profile.

All the best!


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4 thoughts on “Ways to Improve Employee Engagement!

  1. Heathguy33

    Very good informative article right here. I feel that all mangers and people in charge of other people at a business of facilitie should read this and apply these techniques immediately. I agree with them totally I use to be a supervisor when I worked and I can say you do get better workers when you show them that you work to. Not just sitting back calling shots all day. Great stuff here. I know when I share this it’s gone step on a lot of toe. But it’s the truth and most of my friends need to read this. Thanks

    1. admin Post author

      Hey there, thanks so much for taking a look. I’m sure many others will agree will you! I really appreciate it if you would share. I truly believe that it can be so helpful to supervisors and actually make their job a lot easier. Do you agree that this approach is a “win-win”…how can anyone lose when people are treated like this??



  2. Roopesh

    Sadly though, the company fails to realize that reinforcing positive employee engagement not only will increase employee productivity levels, but will get them to stay on and become an asset to the firm.

    Sometimes, it does not even cost ANY money to show employee engagement.A simply ‘hello’ is all an employee may need to feel important.

    Thanks and loved that info graphic

    1. Miles

      Roopesh, thank you for your comments. You are absolutely right…engagement usually costs nothing but the return on investment can hardly be measured! The research strongly supports the value of employee engagement and how it supports transformational change!

      Please share this post on your social media platforms. I really want to share this information with as many people as possible!




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