What is Change?

By | March 3, 2016

Change takes us out of our comfort zone.

Please click here for my personalized book review.

Please click here for my personalized book review.

Deciding whether change is for the better or worse depends on where you view it. Adapting to change takes time and occurs at a different rate for each of us. Change is uncomfortable. Moving from the current state to the future state is stressful and uncomfortable because our control over outcomes may be negatively impacted. Are you flexible enough to create a new balance? The urgency to change arises when the status quo is unsustainable. Change can be encouraged through a statement such as “you can make it” rather than “just hang in there.” Only we can decide to embrace change…when we embrace change, we win…when we don’t embrace change, we are victims. We grow through endurance rather than retreat.

At first, change is awkward.

It is like a muscle that needs time to develop before it can be enjoyed. Change pushes us to our personal best. Change helps us explore strengths we didn’t even know we had. Change causes us to churn or to learn…our choice! For the reluctant, time is slow. Time flies for those who embrace change. It is more fun to change than to be changed. Change is complete only when we realize we are different and it seeks a better place at the end.

Book How to Change Things When Change is Hard

Change is measured by its impact on all who are connected to it.

Change can be exciting when we recognize dissatisfaction with the current state. Change doesn’t look like a resting place…just the next launching point. For those who don’t want to learn from change, change is a waste of time. The speed of change overcomes those who are moving slower than the change. Changing before we need to change will likely result in less pain for us. Change can flow or jerk, depending on our resistance to it. Change is like driving in a fog – we can’t see very far, but we can make the whole trip that way.

Change is here to stay!

Do you agree?

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6 thoughts on “What is Change?

  1. The Simple Retiree

    As a former soldier and going through 2 marriages I know all about change. I like change as long as it’s positive change. A lot of people and bosses you meet just seek change for the sake of change. Work on yourself first, that’s the only circus one can control. Just my thoughts. All the best to you.

    1. Miles Post author

      Peter, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Wow, you would have a great perspective on change through your life journey. I agree completely that far too much change appears to occur just for the sake of change. In your experience, do you think that people might be forgetting to do a better job in explaining why the change is necessary or critical? People need to know the what, the why and the impact for them…before they can even think of participating in the change. What do you think?

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  3. Lynn Drew

    Your thoughts are excellent and thought provoking on change. As you stated, saying “you can make it” instead of “hang in there” can make all the difference in the world to anyone who is going through any kind of change in life. The first one is positive and the second is verging on …you’ll be lucky to get through it!
    I have been through many changes, from corporate shake ups and lay offs over the years to going from insulin shots all day to going on the insulin pump. At first, it always seemed so overwhelming and then with the right mind set, and having people explain the necessity of that change, it all worked out well. And through it all, I acknowledged my many blessings. I look at change as one door opening just as one door closes.
    This is a wonderful site and I will be back to see what interesting and helpful information you will provide.
    My best to you,
    Lynn Drew

    1. Miles Post author

      Thanks, so much, for your thoughtful and kind comments. It sounds like you have faced adversity multiple times head on and you have taken charge of the situation…congratulations! In my experience, change is all about people and change really starts with each of us and how we perceive the situation…either as a challenge or an opportunity. You are an inspiration! As I continue to learn more about the online marketing business, I expect to ramp up my efforts to help people and make this website a robust place to visit for encouragement and tools! Is there one particular book on “My Reading List” page that you would be interested in learning more about? I’m about to do my next book review and would love to focus on the book you might be interested in. My favourite book is “Leading Change.” Look forward to hearing from you.

      All the best,


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